What is Sic bo Online?

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Sic Bo online is a game that is very popular. Because it’s a game that a lot of people know very well. It is not strange to be popular in online casinos. Because Thai people in the past, when there were jobs or activities There will be sic-lo gambling going on. And when it comes to an era where it can be played online Therefore, it is not unusual for many people to subscribe. In order to play in this game

The equipment used in the game of Sic Bo has a plate, cover and 3 dice. Each dice has 6 sides, each side indicating points 1 – 6. For how to play, all the dice are placed on a plate. Use the cover to shake randomly to find the total of all dice. สมัคร UFABET

Sic Bo rules and how to bet on Sic Bo

  1. Once the betting game has started The bet page will show the countdown time. Players must place bets within the time specified by the website. (After the timer expires Players will not be able to place bets. I’ll have to wait until next time.)
  2. After the time to place bets has expired. The dealer presses a button to shake all 3 dice.
  3. When the shaking is over and the dice had stopped. will use that result to determine the result of losing and winning bets

Note:  If the dice that come out in the eye is tilted. or stacked dice The shaking effect in the eye is immediately null and void. The dealer will shake again as and will take the results of the new round to decide instead