Sic Bo casino rules

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Playing Sic Bo is another basic form of gambling that is quite popular for a long time. Because there are not many devices to play. Just dice and covers, then shake and bet with the guess that The points that come out. Will be how much when the points come out exactly the same as the bet placed. It will get money into the pocket easily. In which the rules for betting on Sic Bo will have unequal money rates.

The rules of play can be summarized roughly as follows:

  1. Teng Teng is choosing to bet on points 1-6. If 1 in 3 dice that shake out. The point that has been stabbed will get 1 money, that is, bet 1 baht and get 1 baht back.
  2. Toad is to choose to bet the same points as the first. But we will bet 2 points at a time. The dice 2 out of 3 must issue the points that we have stabbed in both numbers to win, such as 3-4 dice out. 3-4-5 like this is winning, but if leaving 4-5-6, this is a loss because only one point is correct. To bet like this, the compensation will be 5 per, that is, bet 1 baht, get 5 baht.
  3. High-low bet is to choose to bet on the total score of 3 dice. Apply for betflik if the total score is between 3-10, it will be equal to the low score. If the total score is between 12-18, it is equal to the high point. Betting like this will get only one payout like the first rule.
  4. Bet 11 Hi-Lo is to choose to bet on the total score of 3 dice to 11. This bet will have a specific term called 11 Hi-Lo. Having said that, 11 Sic Bo bets are the most difficult thing to come out. Simply put, the points that come out must be 11 points exactly, not less than Which if anyone chooses to bet on 11 Hi-Lo and the dice come out 11 points, then get paid 5 per, that is, bet 1 baht, get 5 baht, same as item 2.

Basic casino rules These are the rules that the general Sic Bo players are quite familiar with and understand very well. Which Sic Bo bets, in addition to depending on the luck or predictions of each person, sometimes it may depend on the matter of probability about shaking or predicting with principles as well. Everything about playing Sic Bo doesn’t always depend on fate but also on the player himself and how capable he is. If you are very confident, you can easily become a winner. Playing Sic Bo is something that earns money fast. Most people are quite popular to play this type of gambling very well. We will see that playing Sic Bo is a gamble that everyone has to know. ever heard of this name. สมัคร UFABET