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How to use “Vinegar” to wash clothes. 

Vinegar is a versatile cleaning product that has many benefits. It can be used to clean the house, wash vegetables and fruits, and even do laundry. Vinegar has the ability to kill germs, deodorize, and soften fabric. Thus helping to make clothes cleaner, fragrant and

A collection of 7 easy ways to get rid of ants

Although having ants in the house The most common cause is the behavior of ants and problems with the house. But there is a simple way to get rid of ants. Just bring equipment that can be found around the house and use it as

Types of Custard Apple

Custard apple are known by many other names such as sitafal, cherimoya, sugar apple, etc. It is not a very popular fruit, especially in India. However, it has many health benefits. Continue reading to find out more about this creamy, sweet-flavored fruit. Types of Custard

5 herbs to restore the digestive system

Thai herbs are known for their healing properties. and can relieve a wide range of symptoms And one of them is to restore the digestive system to work normally. The important thing is that each item is an easy-to-find item that is already on the Thai herbs menu. Guarantee

3 bell peppers, different colors, different benefits

Sweet peppers are plump, brightly colored, mild in taste, easy to eat and full of benefits. Bell peppers are valuable in vitamins A, B1, B2, C, iron and potassium. It is low in calories and high in fiber, making it good for the digestive system and helping

“Trans fat” is dangerous near the body!

“Trans fat” is dangerous near the body! Trans fat that are harmful that come with the beauty and deliciousness of bread, bakery or foods that use shortening and margarine, which contain “Trans Fat” (Trans Fat) that is fat the most dangerous 2 times more dangerous than saturated fat,

Eating too much sugar can cause a heart attack

Eating too much sugar can cause a heart attack. eat sweet food Which is known to contain sugar often has a delicious zest. But latent danger than anyone expected. The amount of sugar received from rice. Bread or seasoning ingredients are sufficient. But we still add sweetness into the veins, whether