Types of Custard Apple

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Custard apple are known by many other names such as sitafal, cherimoya, sugar apple, etc. It is not a very popular fruit, especially in India. However, it has many health benefits. Continue reading to find out more about this creamy, sweet-flavored fruit.

Types of Custard Apple

Some popular varieties of custard apple are as follows:

1. Pierce Cherimoya

This tropical-flavored variety of custard apple is found natively in Ecuador, Peru, and Northern Andress. Its size is comparatively bigger than the other varieties of custard apple. Pierce Cherimoya has juicy flesh.

2. Atemoya

This custard apple is a cross between cherimoya and sugar apple. In Taiwan, it is more popularly known as pineapple sugar apple. ยูฟ่าเบท Atemoya has a green-colored outer layer which is soft and bumpy. It has a round or heart-like shape.

3. McPherson Cherimoya

Its fruits are medium to large with fewer seeds, and the taste is similar to that of banana. It has a dark green-colored outer layer. McPherson is most commonly found in California.

4. White Cherimoya

This is the smallest variety of custard apples. It tastes very sweet like papaya and has a white-colored juicy pulp.

5. Sugar Apple

It is a dark-green-colored custard apples grown widely in Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, and other parts of South Asia. Its fruits are also known as sweetsops. Sugar apple’s flesh is white and tastes sweet.

6. Mountain Soursop

Its outer layer is yellow or light green, and pulp is lemon yellow. Mountain soursop is commonly found in the Amazon, Caribbean Islands, and Central America. This custard apple’s leaves look glossy, and its fruit tastes sour and bitter, unlike other varieties.

7. The Bumpo

This cherimoya gets the name El Bumpo due to the bumps on its skin. El Bumpo is known as a “fruit that tastes heavenly” Because of its creamy flavor. That’s why it is included in the UC South Coast Research. And Extension Center tasting organized for 15 custard apple varieties.