“Trans fat” is dangerous near the body!

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“Trans fat” is dangerous near the body!

Trans fat that are harmful that come with the beauty and deliciousness of bread, bakery or foods that use shortening and margarine, which contain “Trans Fat” (Trans Fat) that is fat the most dangerous 2 times more dangerous than saturated fat, with many countries in the world being aware of this. Because it is the cause that puts people at risk of heart disease and stroke until death. ufabet https://ufabet999.com/

All about trans fats Whether it’s going to be a matter for the people Especially those who love health turn to pay attention to each other a lot. behind the Royal Gazette website Published a notice prohibiting the production, sale and import of trans fatty acids. Effective for the next 180 days or 6 months Because there is clear evidence that it affects cardiovascular risk, therefore it affects diet.

What is trans fat?

Trans fat, also known as Trans fatty acid, is a type of fatty acid. Trans fat usually comes from food processing. which is partially hydrogenated into oils that are high in unsaturated fatty acids, such as vegetable oils, vegetable fats, to make the oil solid or semi-liquid. The trans fats from the hydrogenation process can be found in the margarine or shortening industry, margarine, non-dairy creamer, etc.

There are basically two types of sources of trans fats:

1. Natural trans fats found in ruminants or animals with four stomachs This makes animal-derived products more likely to encounter natural trans fats, such as milk and meat (especially lean meats), which are found in very small amounts.

2. Trans fats resulting from the process of partially hydrogenating into vegetable oils.

which the process was developed to replace the use of animal fats with high saturated fat content

And there are many kinds of food and desserts. that uses trans fats Because this type of fat is fat that is not waxy. and can withstand very high heat There is no rancid smell, the price is cheap, so that various operators Choose to use these trans fats in products or foods.

dangerous! of trans fats

Eating fried foods that contain too much trans fatty acids directly affects the functioning of our body’s enzyme systems. The good fats in our body are reduced or destroyed. and increase the amount of bad fat to the body instead Especially the belly fat that will develop the fastest. It also increases the risk of various diseases as follows:

– abdominal obesity

– heart disease


– high blood pressure as well as fat clots in arteries and blood vessels

– cause memory loss or Alzheimer’s than those who do not eat trans fat foods

– Risk of degenerative retinopathy

– inflamed gallstones in the gallbladder

– May make it more difficult for women to be infertile