Eating too much sugar can cause a heart attack

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Eating too much sugar can cause a heart attack. eat sweet food Which is known to contain sugar often has a delicious zest. But latent danger than anyone expected. The amount of sugar received from rice. Bread or seasoning ingredients are sufficient. But we still add sweetness into the veins, whether it is drinking drinks such as pearl milk tea, iced coffee, soft drinks, bakery, etc. Today we have information about the penalty of eating too sweet.

Experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of United States also discovered that The more you eat, the more sweet both in the form of food, snacks and beverages which intentionally added sugar to make it unnaturally sweet The more likely you were to die from a heart attack three times.

explain the reason. When the body gets too much sugar Increased insulin in the bloodstream affects blood vessels. It thickens and hardens the artery walls. lead to atherosclerosis Persistently high blood sugar levels also reduce the efficiency of the heart muscle. and damage the heart muscle.

In addition, the body’s daily intake of calories from sugar is higher than it needs to cause weight gain. For this reason, it affects the work of the coronary arteries until there is a heart attack. At the same time, it is proposed that consumers reduce eating foods. That contain less sugar. and called for a taxation of sugary beverages along with

What are some delicious food foods that are at risk of “ heart disease ” ?

In addition to the sweetness that can cause heart disease risk. Let’s take a closer look at the types of delicious foods that are at risk of “heart disease”.

processed food

Sausages and bacon are the types of foods that are at risk of heart disease. Because there is a mixture of sodium substances. 

 fast food

For those who have limited time more in the morning Fast food is the right choice for sandwiches, grilled chicken, salads, pizzas, and burgers. All are food types that are harmful to health together. because it is a type of food that contains sugar and high in calories It contributes to diabetes, obesity, and is also at risk of heart disease. and heart attack as well

 fried food

It is one of the most popular food types. that many people like which are at risk of causing heart disease in the first place Because it contains fatty ingredients that cause elevation of cholesterol levels. It also contains saturated fat. and salt in large quantities

sweet food

Because life cannot be sweet. But if eaten in excessive amounts It will negatively affect both physical and heart health. The sugar is an ingredient in desserts. It contributes to the stimulation of high blood sugar. In addition, it was found that If drinking water that contains sugar on a regular basis have a 20% increased risk of dying from heart disease

In addition, food containing margarine. contributing to the risk of heart disease Including eating salty foods Resulting in high blood pressure as well. If you don’t want your favorite food come back to hurt yourself should be eaten in moderation or avoid food types that are at risk of causing various diseases

I know I have to reduce Refrain from eating sweets with your mouth.