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Types of Custard Apple

Custard apple are known by many other names such as sitafal, cherimoya, sugar apple, etc. It is not a very popular fruit, especially in India. However, it has many health benefits. Continue reading to find out more about this creamy, sweet-flavored fruit. Types of Custard

Cedric Soares, Arsenal permanent reserve back

Revealing the reason Cedric Soares, Arsenal permanent reserve back. Refuse to take the opportunity to move loan Benfica during the final. Period of the winter transfer market in January. Portuguese media reveals the reason why veteran defender Cedric Soares, Arsenal permanent reserve. Chose to decline the opportunity to

Cole urges Elliott-Jones to hold on to Liverpool’s position

Joe Cole the former England midfielder, encourages Harvey Elliott and Curtis Jones, Liverpool‘s two future midfielders to improve their form and become the team’s main players. The Reds made changes to their midfield this past summer after releasing several players. Including Jordan Henderson, Fabinho, James

Jurgen Klopp praised Liverpool strong defensive game.

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp praised his team’s defense for their excellent performance. And for not conceding a goal in the latest match. The Reds defeated Lask 4-0 at home in Europa League Group E, match 5, on Thursday night. As a result, the representative from England